All religions
All religions

Now a days everywhere in the society and politics there is rumour of relisionism. It is
concerning with a topic of secular or non-secular. It has not been cleared whether to adopt
secular or religionism policy though the constitution has laid down secularism. But still why
these rumers are being popular? Who are giving emphasis on these matters rather than
talking on maatters of eradication of poverty, child education and many other subject
matters which are lagging behind in the dark?
where ever i moved in this vacation , i found out agent of various religion:hindus, christians,
muslim, and other many saints. They all were found very busy in marketing( in commercial
word). I don’t know what is the purpose is, it really for the awareness of the society of
influenced from somewhere for communism. Their agendas i found were very good and
attractive and luring. I saw great competition among them for improving their brand
name(commercial word).
I saw follower of JAY GURU DEV miking on streets about their vaani( words told by great
religious persons). subject matter was about being vegetarian, not to drink wine, speak
truth, stop cow murder and some others like wearing pink coloured dress. All these are
good things for society if people follows.
I found my brothers daughter playing with a very nice doll at home. I inquired her from
where she got the very doll. Very simply in a smiling tone she told that some people had
come to her school and distributed among children, really her voice is too sweet. It is also
good job to make children happy and in touch.
There were also many persons talking about other dozen of saints and their teachings and
how to be their members.
Somewhere I heard rumours of JIHAD when i was passing through muslim society.
Now the matter is concerning with these, how dangerous are these we find out by
analysing. Are these agents or the real man of Lord flourishing teachings of lord in society
for improvement of society. If these are real disciples it is very good news and if not such
agents can bring hurricane in the society very soon which may leads to distruction not less
than that of natural calamities.
So it is very urgent, internal investigation should be started by statemen and if found
positive such activities should be promoted. But if such activities are influenced from
somewhere for communism very strict action should be taken to stop. There is need of very
intellectual process and careful steps for investing on these matters as these matters may
leads to riligionism voilence, castism and disturbance in environment of our society.
By: Pawan Patel
Motilal Nehru College,
University of Delhi.


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